The Begining

Latchingdon Spiritualist Church began its journey in Cold Norton and in 2009 moved to Latchingdon,

In 2016 to reflect the diversity of the wonderful people, their beliefs and various spiritual pathways we renamed ourselves

Latchingdon Spiritualists

The Middle

In April 2013 Mark and Tracey Came took over the running of the church, Mark is the medium in charge of the church and is a Healer, both Spiritual and Reiki.

Tracey is the organiser keeping the church running as smoothly as possible

Our Church Family

We're loving every minute of our journey with all the lovely people who attend, help and make our lives richer by walking with us on our spiritual path.

They are supported by a wonderful team, who all work so hard to keep the church running, 

Support for Charities

The church is a non-profit making organization - all excess funds are donated to charity so far (from April 2013 to August 2018) we have given £4000 to various charities

The Future

We look forward to continuing to promote understanding of spiritualism when ever we are able and to welcome all who enters our centre.

We're loving every minute of our Spiritual Journey, Thank you for your part in it xxx

How to find us

Our address is

Latchingdon Parish Hall

Burnham Road